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Add To Cart. Because of the life of Jesus within us, we mature into His likeness, allowing His life to be perfected in us. The task of those who would nurture Christian growth is to supply what is needed for healthy spiritual growth. Nurturing Christian growth concerns helping Christians grow in the Christlife until His nature and character are revealed in their personalities. The goal of mature Christians is not merely to produce people who possess proficient Bible knowledge and spiritual insights, but to help them live the new life to the fullest, as Jesus intended. The object of Christian nurture is to help people exemplify Jesus, to lead them into disciplined, growing lives in God with Jesus as the center of focus.

Whenever you engage in helping people grow spiritually and develop in Christlikeness, you are engaging in Christian nurture.

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Christian nurture concerns life because Christianity is centered in life. Christianity revolves around Christ, a person, the eternal Son of God, who is the source of all life. He gives His life to those who receive Him. Commitment to Jesus Christ begins with a response in simple faith to the gospel.


This marks the beginning of new life. But this commitment involves a life of discipleship through the process of growth toward Christlikeness. Through Christian nurture, growing Christians learn how to put Christ first in their lives, making Him the center. Helping people make Jesus the center of their lives touches every aspect of human experience.

When we think about the human person, we sometimes tend to divide the person into parts or areas of life, such as the mental, the physical, the emotional, the social, and the spiritual areas. While it is helpful to study human behavior from these different points of view, we need to remember that persons are whole beings and that they cannot be divided into small parts. Every area of life affects the others, and we respond to our surroundings as whole persons. Christ is at the center, and therefore should control every area. The more we grow spiritually and take on His likeness, the more He controls our lives.

The object of Christian nurture is to develop whole mature persons who are intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and socially changed through their relationship with Jesus Christ. This concern for making persons whole in Jesus leads to discipleship which is expressed in obedience to everything Jesus commanded. This is a love from the whole person, heart, mind, and soul, which yields control of all life to Him. In Lesson 1 you were introduced to the way the Bible helps nurture spiritual growth. God reveals himself in the Scriptures; therefore, they are the content of our study and learning.

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We do not study the Bible merely to gain knowledge for its own sake. The purpose of our learning is not to prepare to pass an examination but to prepare to live whole, Christ-centered lives. The truth of God took on living expression in Jesus Christ. Since His life is within us, God should take on living expression in our lives. Second Timothy —17 identifies four uses of Scripture: teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness. Notice that these four activities have one basic goal: the equipping of the man of God for every good work.

The Scriptures are useful in preparing Christians to experience all that God wants them to become; we could say that the Scriptures are useful for making persons whole.

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If you want to grow spiritually, you should study the Scriptures; if you want to help someone else mature spiritually, you should help him or her study the Bible. Let us review what you have studied so far in this lesson. You have discovered that maturing Christians are growing in Christlikeness. You have also learned that maturity in the Christ-life involves becoming whole persons, yielding to His control in every area of life.

You have learned that helping persons become whole, that is, Christlike, is the main task of those involved in Christian nurture. And you have learned that the Bible is essential to helping persons become whole. If you do not yet understand these concepts, review what you have already studied in this lesson before proceeding to the next section.

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As a baby grows, we expect the ultimate outcome of that growth to be adulthood, maturity. We recognize that the process of growth from infancy to adulthood takes time and patience. At each stage of development we expect the growing person to perform certain tasks, such as learning to walk in early childhood. The performances we expect at each stage of development are referred to as intermediate goals. They represent smaller objectives toward which one works en route to the ultimate goal of adulthood, maturity. Each of these intermediate objectives is worthwhile by itself, but each one is even more significant when viewed as a step toward the ultimate goal.

As the needs of each developmental level are met, we are helping the individual grow toward maturity.

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Spiritual life, once again, parallels the growth and development process in biological life. The maturing process initiated by the new birth begins with spiritual infancy. You become a revelation of At-One-Ment. The secret to knowing who you are and living well begins with knowing the difference between sustained feelings and temporary emotions — John Voris.

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Painting by Edvard Munch. Feeling fine is a lovely aspect of spiritual growth. A major sign of spiritual growth is when you learn to distinquish between feelings and emotions. A feeling is the free flow of energy through the body. An emotion is a feeling with a thought attached to it which is usually some form of judgement. As a consequence it is either allowed or not allowed.

This indicates your real inner state. The feel of the breath is the key to learning how to feel fine. It is the key to the control of overthinking. The breath takes you back to the body and into learning how to live a sensational life. To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now. In our modern age of ever increasing speed we have a major issue with time. Most people now experience time poverty.

Spiritual Awakening gives you the revelation that your true reality is timeless. This is not something you can acquire knowledge about.

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It is always a grace experience that is given to you. In being given this experience you will know you could never earn this immeasurable gift of knowing the real you as life eternal. This is your over-thinking, emotional, reactive sense of self that you think you are. In this way you live a beautiful paradox.