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More information about our Cookie Policy. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. I started with referrals. Meeting the artist, showing them what I wanted and seeing what they said. Tattoo Artist 1: Liked him immediately. Huge guy, reminded me of a teddy bear, beard and all. Looked through his portfolio.

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Not very many hard edges though a good artist. Tattoo Artist 2: Referred by a good friend. He was young, was cocky right off the bat.

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Scoffed at a fee to draw it out. He had all of three pictures of each work in a portfolio. Gave me a website to check out. I left feeling slimed.

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Went to the website when I got home. Page not found. Checked back a few times. No site.

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Yeah, big fat no. They are the first tattoo shop in Florida. I checked out the online portfolios, all were good. The detail, strong lines, clever shading got my attention.

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  5. I popped down to meet him and liked him right away. Super mellow, happy to chat and loves tattooing more than anything. I left knowing he was the one. True to his word, he called six days later. I went to see the drawing. I scheduled on the spot. I was more worried about the placement than any pain that would be experienced. They are not the helpers as they allege. They are the ones working occultly, behind the scenes, the directors of the DOD and other factions of the government. Here is their stated mission:. Within the Joint Program Executive Office, seven Joint Project Managers lead, manage and direct the acquisition and fielding of chemical and biological detection and reconnaissance systems, individual and collective protection systems, decontamination systems, information management systems, medical devices, drugs and vaccines, installation and force protection systems, weapons to be used on American citizens and elimination.

    Elimination of what? Those on the red list perhaps, the ones who know what these devils are up to? There are many theories has to how and why medieval architects and stone carvers developed gargoyles. It is believed that they were used to ward of evil and to act as guardians of the church to keep the terrible spirits of evil away and were inspired from a passage written in the bible.

    Adrienne Mayor believes they were inspired by the skeletal remains and bones of dinosaurs, found by Greek and Roman paleontologists. Many gargoyles are similar to the legends and figures of the ancients Celts, such as the Green Man or Jack of the Green … the god of tree worship. The Pagan artists who carved these were inspired by their culture and were the last vestiges of paganism from an age when god would be heard in trees and river plains.

    Gargoyles originated somewhere between the 11th and the 13th Centuries. They served two purposes — to scare off evil, and to divert rainwater. Many have open mouths because they also functioned downspouts to divert rainwater from foundations. As a result, many of the early Gargoyles also had rather long necks. The Catholic Church originally used Gargoyles as a visual reminder to their Pagan converts, many of whom were illiterate. They are now pretty much ornamental and assume many different forms.

    Most gargoyles are grotesque, but stone carvers in the past also honored relatives and friends by carving their faces into them. As they evolved, they morphed into often very elaborate statuary. As Gargoyles evolved, they became symbols of sorts, using recurring themes, mostly related to Paganism. The five basic groups are listed below:. They worshiped the heads they severed and believed these heads held supernatural powers.

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    Is this where the Muslims get their inspiration of beheading? Perhaps they too think they get super natural powers from their false moon god Allah.

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    Ambiguous gender and species: Specimens again date back to the Pagans. The Pagan religions existed to overcome chaos and peril. These Gargoyles are representative of the fear of the unknown. Head entwined with branches and leaves: A branch coming out of the mouth or surrounding the head was a sign of divinity to the Celts.

    The Druids often depicted oak leaves, as the oak was sacred to them. Is this a mocking of Jesus and the Crown of Thorns? Sexual Themes: Used by the Pagan religions as symbols of fertility. If used on outside walls, they were thought to discourage evil.

    Again, we go back to the universal fear of sexuality that exists even today.

    If I were the Devil

    Does the Bible refer to Gargoyles? I think it does and here are some examples:. Cockatrice a poisonous snake is mentioned four times in the King James version: If you run a google image search for Cockatrice you come up with images of dragons, snake like creatures, which are very similar to….