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At the end of , with the best years of Hank Williams's career behind him, he hires a local kid to drive him through the Appalachian countryside for a pair of New Years shows in West Virginia and Ohio. Harry Thomason's The Last Ride made me very self and health conscious. My mind wondered throughout most of its' transitions about my own health, as the driver Silas - played by Henry Thomas - throughout most of the ride there, gradually became less and less of a chronic cigarette smoker as a result of seeing his mysterious passenger in the backseat slowly coughing and struggling to death more and more for fresh air, a pack of smokes, or newer bottles of alcohol.

By the time they get to the last gas station, before The Last Ride's ultimate climax, I think Silas, unnoticeably quits smoking, before a girl at the pump tells him he is this gas stations last customer. The owner of it died last year of a black lung so this is the gas stations last night of being open for business. Two things I considered high brow about The Last Ride are as follows.

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One thing was The Last Ride, wasn't nearly as autobiographical as you could imagine any movie about a legendary country singer like, say Ray Charles, or Johnny Cash being, as much as it was more so about his last ride, in a literal sense, out to some gig he had in a random place and the relationship he developed with the young man, Silas, employed to get him out there safely. Williams was an alcoholic and chronic cigarette smoker too so it was the drivers' responsibility to get out there sober, while Silas is already worried about getting him out there alive. Another thing was how obvious Thomason didn't make the identity of Williams as a legendary country singer.

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I had to get out my laptop for research on the last ride to figure out who the mysterious passenger was because I don't think they ever tell you throughout this picture. Altogether I would say the last ride is about Hank William's posthumous fame. Silas doesn't listen to the radio so all he knows about his mysterious passenger the whole way there is that he is an alcoholic musician that carries a gun and won't stop being incredibly mean to him, while scolding him all of the time for calling him sir.

But the funnier thing about that is Williams won't give Silas any other name to refer to him as. I think Silas learns of his passenger's traveling name by accident through a long distance phone call he has with an employer who is supposedly his employer, played by some guy whose been a senator for Tennessee for a couple of years and he didn't even mean to give Silas that information. Silas wasn't even supposed to have this guy's number because he is not in fact who originally hired this driver. It's just a weird movie, whose overall story structure run on a lot of obscure Lynchian fuel that you may have seen in either Lost Highway or Refn' latest nominated Drive, starring Ryan Gosling.

The aesthetic liberties taken with the mechanics of The Last Ride's story structure is what I think makes up for all that it lacks in cinematography. You can tell they had a budget during the filming of The Last Ride. Altogether in retrospect I see The Last Ride as a hood classic whose mystery comes from what the film doesn't tell you throughout its' duration, about what is actually taking place.

Audiences shouldn't go into the last ride knowing who that mysterious musician alcoholic passenger is.

Aside from all of the mystery, movies like that about people with fighting chances that they can't stop blowing are usually touching to general audiences because the premise of them is normally in regards to their last chance and the main character of every movie like that never knows how close he is to that last breath, much like each and every one of us. The conservative nature of The Last Ride's scheme is what I think keeps it from venturing too far into anything sentimental or philosophical so its' a lot more chill and a lot less bias than most autobiographical films usually are.

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    Mini Vans have never been cool but we had two Dodge Caravan for about 25 years. Two years ago we replaced my 20 year old Isuzu Trooper. It still had some life left in it so we donated it to a local charity which gives cars to folks who need them. I bought a Subaru Forester which is not very sporty but I love it. My first car was a gray 4-door Escort!

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    It was from the era when the paint was crap, and would peel away to the primer, and was lovingly? That was a good van and we finally traded that in last year for a RAV4 after 12 years of service, but it was good to us. My kids are all grown now and the need is gone. For many years I drove a F It was now matte black rather than glossy. It had no AC which in GA is an issue.

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    Its one redeeming value was dual fuel tanks, which meant I could go miles between fill-ups. I was too cheap to replace it for a few months, but after the 4th expensive repair it was sent into exile. I put k miles on my Honda Element before I decided to let it go. I felt like I was driving a spaceship for a while.

    The ones in this neck of Ohio retire to become Amish taxis. We had a Honda Accord from to It was already 3 years old when we had it so it had a pretty good run for its money. Before that I had a VW Beatle from to — car was the same age as me. I am now 47 and am on my 3rd car since I was 17 — a somewhat smaller Vauxhall Astra.


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