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If you do not have to customize your Internet security settings, click Default Level. Then go to step 5. Click OK to close the Internet Options popup. Copies were distributed throughout Scotland for signing on a wave of popular support. Charles II declared private gatherings Conventicles of Christians unlawful and began persecuting the Church.

So from AD any Minister caught preaching in these gatherings would be executed. Instead they took him outside and blew off his head with their guns in front of his wife and child. The last one, the Battle of Bothwell Brig in , was a great tragedy. They were defeated and the survivors were rounded up and taken to a makeshift prison next to Greyfriars Kirk, where the National Covenant had been signed.

The rest were either executed or sold into slavery, where most perished in a shipwreck.

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If you go to Greyfriars Kirk you can visit the monument to the Covenanters. A growing number of devout Christians were determined to do something about it. He gathered together ministers who had a real heart for God and people and set about commissioning men and women in the city to transform the darkest slums into places of heaven. In Edinburgh City Mission was started and many prostitutes, criminals and drunkards in the Grassmarket were dramatically changed through the preaching of these missionaries.

The huge ingathering into the Church in the Revival was an accumulation of the previous waves, and led to an astounding transformation of the city in every section of the populace. He was shocked by the bad behaviour of the children who were left to roam the streets in wild, filthy gangs. Working together with the churches and the Edinburgh City Mission, Guthrie pioneered the Ragged Schools for the poor children, in which they were educated, fed, clothed and given medical care. These schools multiplied and eventually became part of the foundation for the State Education System.

Professor Thomas Chalmers — was also a great pioneer in education and social welfare.

Religion in Scotland

Medical and Scientific Discoveries Edinburgh University became a leading world centre in the sciences, particularly in medicine. Amongst the famous pioneers of science in this period were several Christians. He invented the double-slit experiment for studying light. He invented the kaleidoscope and refined the science of microscopes.

He pioneered the medical use of chloroform. When asked what his greatest discovery was, he cheerfully replied that it was finding Christ as his Saviour. The most remarkable thing about this movement was the way in which the children, the marginalised, the poor, the criminals and alcoholics were totally transformed.

Roderick Graham

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