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Working day and night as an employee of one is not.

Cutting Ties (Piper Anderson, #2) by Danielle Stewart

When she mistakes a gu Growing up on a Reservation in Arizona, Shayna always knew the day she left would be one to celebrate. Through hard work and careful planning she found her path out, but with it came a danger she could never have imagined.

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Her brother Tao and her bes On her last tank of gas Elaine Mathews drives South. Spontaneity had never been her strength, but there was something about being publicly fired that had a way of changing things. An empty bank account, broken heart, and enough humiliation to last a Would you ever go solo on a Caribbean cruise?

Piper Anderson Series Collection

Harlan Kalling can shake any security detail her over-protective brothers assign. A string of bad luck and worse choices has her believing rock bottom is her new normal. But when one determined agent decid She deserves the best but the sudden change has taken the last piece of family from him. Every photograph was at one point a moment intended to be remembered. Ruby Constantine works tirelessly to give old film new life, salvaging forgotten and discarded rolls.

Cutting Ties (Piper Anderson, #2) by Danielle Stewart

There is a gamble to the process; she may end up with a priceless treasure or So why is she in an alley with a needle in her arm? Waking up in the hospital without her son is terrifying.

But he only finds Mathew Kalling knows better than to get involved with a party girl. Try to sweep Jessica Tho Noah Key would gladly have traded places with his wife in the car accident that claimed her life. Without her he finds himself living a half life, haunted by all the ways he failed in his marriage.

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Determined to absolve himself, Noah sets out on This Novella was previously published as part of a multi author collection called Protect and Serve. As hard as he tries, Roark Miller can't forget the cases he worked as a homicide detective in Detroit. The haunting images are blazed into For five years Jamie has managed to outrun his past, his pain, and anything remotely resembling an emotion.

No more court-order Like a child Frankie Cooper has grown up surrounded by her outrageous family in the small town of Edenville, North Carolina. The problem with growing up with a suffocating family is that even though her eighteenth birthday is behind her they still don't see her a Looking back can seem daunting. Moving forward can seem impossible.

With an old friend back in her life, will Betty hold on to yesterday even if it tears her apart? Chris has done everything possible to put his dark past behind him. But when his past finally catches up to him his f Michael Cooper has his life together. He is the successful lawyer all his friends turn to when they find themselves in trouble, and he and his beautiful wife just welcomed their newborn daughter to the world. In just under two years, he went from a c Willow has been saved from a painfully dark past and handed a bright future. By all accounts, she should be happy. The more people try to hold her close, the hard But when you earn yourself a nickname like Click, the only sound the enemy hears before you strike, transitioning back to civilian Years later, the only thing he has on his mind this holiday season is finally settling the score back in Clover, North Carolina.

That i This is a small addition to the Piper Anderson Series for all those readers who couldn't get enough of Betty and her humor. To avoid spoilers this should be read after the first four books of the series and is only a compliment to the series, not a s No matter what people tell him, Jedda Wright is convinced he's nobody's hero.

He's made his mistakes and paid dearly for them over the years. Suddenly freed from his past he's forced to find his way in a world he hardly recognizes. Piper Anderson has been given a fresh start in the picturesque town of Edenville, North Carolina. But her plans of settling into a normal life are derailed when she witnesses a prominent judge in her community committing a violent assault. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Google-generated PDF.

Choosing Christmas (Piper Anderson, #) by Danielle Stewart

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