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Bending The Bars

Requires standard bending radius. Non-standard bending radius. Requires degree hook. Can also be modeled using hooks at both ends i.

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Requires 90 degree hooks at both ends. Recognized when the start point and end point are in the same location and no hooks are used. Requires hooks at both ends. Requires degree hooks at both ends.

How to Calculate Cutting Length in Bar Bending Schedule?

Can also be modeled using hooks at both ends. Requires degree hook at one end and 90 degree hook at the other end. Requires hook. Round head rivet. Bolt-tong short mouth.

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Metallic rule. Hofi Standard-V-tong. Flat tong. Punch round. Hofi eye-tong.

Value-Added Services for Bar Bending

Anvil horn. Blacksmith's hammer.

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Forging gauge stainless steel. Turning hardie. Bolt-tong long mouth. Anvil hardy.

Handle for Swages. Exclusive streight pein hammer.

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Top fuller. Rivetting setter.

Embossing hammer. Band jaw tong. Socket round face high bowed. Engineers hammer.

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Habermann pick up tong. Temper colours table. Blacksmith glove. Wolf's jaw tong.

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Hofi-punch, round. Hofi split chisel. Sledge hammer. Rivet tong.