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Haydon, a newspaper reporter for the Dallas Morning News, described an amazing encounter complete with a crashed spacecraft, dozens of eyewitnesses, a recovered dead Martian body, and metallic wreckage 50 years later a nearly identical story would circulate about a crash in the neighboring state of New Mexico. The fantastic tale unraveled when researchers could find no eyewitnesses to support Haydon's story, and nothing of the alien or the "several tons" of mysterious spacecraft wreckage was ever found. It turned out that Haydon had made the whole story up as a publicity stunt to attract tourists.

Early newspaper hoaxes aside, there have been countless UFO reports over the decades, and a few of them stand out as especially important. The first report of a "flying saucer" dates back only to when a pilot named Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine objects resembling boomerangs in the sky. He described their movement as "like a saucer if you skip it across the water," which a careless reporter misunderstood as saying that the objects themselves resembled "flying saucers," and that mistake launched many "flying saucer" reports in later decades.

Investigators think that Arnold probably saw a flock of pelicans and misjudged their size, their large wings creating the "V" shape he described. The most famous UFO crash allegedly occurred when something — skeptics say a top-secret spy balloon; believers say a spacecraft with alien pilots — crashed on a ranch in the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico, in , and the debate rages to this day.

Expert: UFOs frequently come close to hitting airliners

The first UFO abduction case — and to this day the most famous — was that of Barney and Betty Hill, an interracial couple who in claimed to have been chased down and abducted by a UFO. However, since there were no other eyewitnesses to the event and they didn't report the abduction at the time only remembering it under hypnosis , many remain skeptical.

Another famous UFO sighting occurred near Phoenix, Arizona, in March when a series of bright lights were reported in the night skies. Though it is known that the military dropped flares over a nearby proving ground during routine exercises around the time of the sightings, UFO buffs dismiss the government's explanation of the lights and insist there's more to the story. Since then, a host of UFO sightings have been reported. Here are a handful that in recent years got a lot of attention, with links to articles from the time:. April 21, Phoenix lights were reported again.

It was a hoax, created by road flares tied to helium balloons. The hoaxer admitted it, and eyewitnesses reported seeing him do it.

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October 13, UFOs over Manhattan turned out to be helium balloons that escaped from a party at a school in Mount Vernon. July The sighting of a UFO on the ocean floor was attributed to a Swedish scientist, but that researcher, Peter Lindberg, merely said the thing he detected in blurry images was "completely round," an assertion not supported by the low-resolution sonar image. A second "anomaly" made the case seem even more bizarre, but no evidence has emerged to suggest alien origin. April A viral UFO video taken from a plane over South Korea likely showed a droplet of water on the airplane's window.

But like many, many UFO sightings, this one turned out to be the planet Venus.

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In fact, even airline pilots have mistaken Venus for a UFO. Elizondo resigned from the Defense Department program on Oct. Elizondo and two other former Defense Department officials — Christopher K. Mellon and Harold E. Elizondo's remarks come amid recent revelations that the U. The Times reports the program is still ongoing, although the Defense Department said a lack of funding shut the effort down.

Also, in recent days, Navy pilots reported that they spotted a UFO during a training mission off the coast of San Diego in David Fravor in an interview with the Times, adding that he was "pretty weirded out. To the Stars' mission is to examine science that was "suffocated by mainstream ideology and bureaucratic constraint," the venture's website says.

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