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Fischbach, A. What is not working in working memory of children with literacy disorders? Evidence from a three-year-longitudinal study. Reading and Writing , 27 , — The impact of self-regulation on preschool mathematical achievement.

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Guderjahn, Lena Gunzenhauser, C. Merkt, Julia von Suchodoletz, A.

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Frontiers in Psychiatry , 5. Physical activity, affect, and cognition in children with symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Langguth, Nadine Naumann, A. Boeck, A. Graf, F. Cultural influences on socialization goals and parenting behaviors of Mongolian parents. Specific language impairment and early second language acquisition: The risk of over- and underdiagnosis. Children at risk of poor educational outcomes: Theoretical concepts and empirical results. The effect of reading aloud daily: Differential effects of reading to native-born German and Turkish-origin immigrant children.

Cognitive benefits of last night's sleep: Daily variations in children's sleep behavior are related to working memory fluctuations. Krummheuer, G. Das Wechseln zwischen mathematischen Inhaltsbereichen — eine Kompetenz, die nicht in den Bildungsstandards steht. Project Eva: Evaluation of two prevention programs with high-risk children in Kindergarten. Merkt, J. Health, dietary habits, and achievement motivation in college students with self-reported ADHD diagnosis.

Breaking new ground in the prevention of child sexual abuse: Web-based trainings as a promising step. Psychology and Education Journal , 51 , 14— The impact of reading material's lexical accessibility on text fading effects in children's reading performance. Neubauer, A. Selbstkontrolle bei Vorschulkindern unterschiedlicher Herkunft. Noack, H. On the validity and generality of transfer effects in cognitive training research.

Psychological Research , 78 , — Frontal white matter alterations are associated with executive cognitive function in euthymic bipolar patients. Journal of Affective Disorders , , — Reinke, B. Alves, G.

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Jurcoane, Alina Wenzler, S. Prvulovic, D. Linden, D. Pinheiro-Chagasa, P. In how many ways is the approximate number system associated with exact calculation?. PLoS One , 9.

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Wood, G. Knops, A. Krinzinger, H. Lonnemann, Jan Starling-Alvesa, I. Willmes, W. Haase, V. Poloczek, S. Phonological short-term memory impairment and the word length effect in children with intellectual disabilities. Research in Developmental Disabilities , 35 , — Cognitive preconditions of early reading and spelling: A latent-variable approach with longitudinal data.

Schmitt, Kathrin. Riediger, M. Outside of the laboratory: Associations of working-memory performance with psychological and physiological arousal vary with age. Psychology and Aging , 29 , — The Child Attachment Interview: Application in a German-speaking sample and its correlations with personality and aggression. Child Indicators Research. Younger adults show long-term effects of cognitive training on broad cognitive abilities over 2 years. Toward a unified framework for the study of between-person and within-person structures: Building a bridge between two research paradigms.

Geometrisches Handeln von Kindern in mathematischen Spiel- und Erkundungssituationen. Erfassung der Selbstregulation vor dem Schuleintritt [Measuring self-regulation before school entry]. McClelland, M. Werkle-Bergner, M. Coordinated within-trial dynamics of low-frequency neural rhythms controls evidence accumulation. Childhood vulnerability: Systematic, structural, and individual dimensions.

Risks in early childhood. Reconstructing notions of risk in political reports on children and childhood in Germany. Fauth, B. Student ratings of teaching quality in primary school: Dimensions and prediction of student outcomes. Learning and Instruction , 29 , 1—9. Gaertner, B. Social emotional risk factors. Modeling instructional sensitivity using a longitudinal multilevel differential item functioning approach.

Journal of Educational Measurement , 51 , — Hartig, Johannes. Effects of biliteracy on third language reading proficiency, the example of Turkish-German bilinguals. Plurilingual Education , — Rezension von: Beyer, Beate. Erziehungswissenschaftliche Revue , The results obtained in the study help not only to clarify the effects of different ADH SNPs but to better understand how these polymorphisms modify each other's effects in the development of alcoholism and related diseases. Transient overexpression of adh 8a increases allyl alcohol toxicity in zebrafish embryos.

Full Text Available Fish embryos are widely used as an alternative model to study toxicity in vertebrates. Due to their complexity, embryos are believed to more resemble an adult organism than in vitro cellular models.

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However, concerns have been raised with respect to the embryo's metabolic capacity. Reports on mammals have indicated that allyl alcohol requires activation by alcohol dehydrogenases Adh to form the highly reactive and toxic metabolite acrolein, which shows similar toxicity in zebrafish embryos and adults. To identify if a limited metabolic capacity of embryos indeed can explain the low allyl alcohol sensitivity of zebrafish embryos, we compared the mRNA expression levels of Adh isoenzymes adh 5, adh 8a, adh 8b and adhfe1 during embryo development to that in adult fish.

The greatest difference between embryo and adult fish was found for adh 8a and adh 8b expression. Therefore, we hypothesized that these genes might be required for allyl alcohol activation.

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These results underline the necessity to critically consider metabolic activation in the zebrafish embryo. As demonstrated here, mRNA injection is one useful approach to study the role of candidate enzymes. Dit proefschrift beschrijft een onderzoek naar het optreden van interacties tussen de effecten van de Adh en aGpdh loci in omstandigheden zonder alcohol en de gevolgen hiervan voor het optreden van natuurlijke selectie.

Zie: Samenvatting.

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Paleomagnetic studies of 25 oriented bedrock specimens from Jabal Mahd adh Dhahab, located km southeast of Al Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have yielded important structural information relating to the geologic history of this base and precious metal deposit. Samples were collected along one traverse away from the mineralized zones, across the northeast-plunging antiform that constitutes the dominant regional structure of the area, and along another traverse down the axis of the mineralized zones.

Lithologies range from andesite flows through andesitic to rhyodacitic tuffs, lapilli tuffs, and volcaniclastic sediments. Measurements of remanent magnetization direction and intensity before and after stepwise alternating-field demagnetization ranging from 25 Oersted Oe to Oe were carried out on all samples.

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Three classes of demagnetization behavior were observed: A very stable class with little change in direction and intensity of magnetization; a class in which rapid changes were observed at first but which then settled on a high coercivity stable component of magnetization; and a class in which the magnetization was composed of a spectrum of low coervicity components, and continuous variation of direction and intensity of magnetization occurred. Effect of ADH on rubidium transport in isolated perfused rat cortical collecting tubules.

The average transepithelial voltage Ve was not significantly different from zero in the control period but became lumen negative -5 to mV after ADH. Inactivation of alcohol dehydrogenase ADH by ferryl derivatives of human hemoglobin.

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In this paper, inactivation of alcohol dehydrogenase ADH by products of reactions of H2O2 with metHb has been studied. Inactivation of the enzyme was studied in two systems corresponding to two kinetic stages of the reaction. In the first case all the products of reaction of H2O2 with metHb non-peroxyl and peroxyl radicals and non-radical products, viz.