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Everybody's got a dream This is the colorful story of two generations of Americans, following them from Palermo, Italy to the cut-throat business world in New York City. Their tempestuous affairs and heart-warming family dealings make this a fast-moving page turner.

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Meet the Ricci's and the Marino's, close friends in Italy, who follow their quest for the life of their Everybody's got a dream Meet the Ricci's and the Marino's, close friends in Italy, who follow their quest for the life of their dreams - from the poverty of Palermo, Italy in the 's to a six-family tenement in Brooklyn, New York. And their children: Beautiful and talented Patria, locked in a stifling, loveless marriage in the New York suburbs, dreaming about the "fireworks" that she knows are still out there. Laura, lovable and radiant, and Chuck, a gifted artist, who always dreamed they would be together.

They seem to be the perfect couple. Meet Brooke Reynolds, product of Manhattan's Lower East Side, whose dream is to leave his poverty-stricken past behind and become "somebody.

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Frankie DiMartino is an old pal from Brooklyn with a big muscles and a big heart, still pursuing his dream - catching his childhood sweetheart before she marries someone else again. Their lives braid together in this fascinating story of family, business, and love, with breath-taking twists and unexpected turns, leaving the reader breathless and begging for more.

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Carole Kane writes "A Dream of Roman Candles" with a little help from her characters!

To fabricate candles, joy and satisfaction. See a candle burning perfectly promises prosperity to an enterprising human, health to sick ones, prompt marriage to those living in celibacy, honor and profit in business matters. See a candle Candle To dream you see a candle extinguished, denotes sadness, sickness, and poverty; to dream you see a shining lighted candle, is good to the sick, to dream you make candles, is a sign of rejoicing, to dream you see unlighted candles, shows you will have a reward for something you Candle To dream one sees a candle extinguished, denotes sadness, sickness, and poverty.

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When one dreams he sees a shining lighted candle, it is a good sign to the sick, denoting recovery and health; and if he that dreams be unmarried, it shows he will speedily marry, have success, and prosper Candle Portends well-being and wealth that will come with an effort. If the candles go out during the dream, then such dream portends that our work will be in vain. When the flame of a candle is strong, light and rises vertically with little smoke, then it shows that we know Just as we use fireworks to celebrate important dates, perhaps those in your dreams are a way of telling you that your time has come to shine.

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You know, kind of like the proverbial light bulb, only more brilliant! Fireworks coming at you in your dreams could denote coming danger or bad fortune.

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It may also indicate that someone in your life is threatening you. For centuries, mankind has celebrated festive occasions, punctuated historical moments, greeted heroes, and lifted spirits with fireworks. Whatever fireworks mean to you, we at Alamo Fireworks wish to share in your celebrations, make your moments more magical and see your spirits soar on every occasion in your life.

Fireworks as Metaphor Well, it depends on who you ask, but it also has a lot to do with what fireworks represent to you in your conscious state.