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What If You Had T. Rex Teeth? Alexander Pig and the Fossil Hunt. Silly Jokes for Silly Kids. This came about in part because of the large volume of eBooks now being published every year. You can tell a lot about a book and its author by reading the ISBN number. If we remove these digits we have:. The 3 is the language group identifier which here indicates German.

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For English speaking countries a 0 or 1 is used. Numbers for language identification generally range from For example, Indonesia is whereas Turkey is This number can be as long as 9 digits. The publisher assigns this to a specific book or edition of the book, such as a hardcover version or paperback. This could be a single digit or stretch to multiple digits. This number is mathematically calculated as a fixed digit.

What does ISBN stand for?

This is always a single digit. This number indicates that the rest of the ISBN numbers have been scanned and is calculated based on the other digits in the code. The ISBN is usually found above the barcode on the back of the book. Barcodes are a necessary element of your book as they allow for most retailers and distributors to scan your ISBN for retail and inventory reasons.

The standard barcode is known as the EAN European Article Number barcode , and your barcode must be in this format to sell your book in bookstores.

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No, ISBN numbers never expire or go bad. In fact, if you have one from a long time ago, you can simply reconstruct it for use. But what if my old ISBN is really old and only has 10 digits?

The other number appearing on the right is a 5-digit add-on, called an EAN-5, that contains the price of the book. The first digit is a 5 and is a must for scanners to read. The 4-digits after the five indicates the price of the book. This would only be replaced by a new ISBN number if the book is published as a new edition or as a new version. To buy a barcode you must first purchase an ISBN.